Team 3090 - together for a green, dynamic & social Overijse

06 Juli 2024

Team 3090 - together for a green, dynamic & social Overijse

Groen and Open VLD have constructively worked together in Overijse in recent years and carried out many local projects. But the work is not yet finished. We are enthusiastically entering a new phase together, with new partners and a new name. Together with Verenigd Overijse, we will present ourselves to voters under the name Team 3090 in October 2024.

Team 3090's vision for the future of Overijse is designed around progressive policies to create an innovative, inclusive and welcoming municipality, with the strong involvement of local people.

We will promote safe neighbourhoods, customer-friendly municipal services, local entrepreneurship, safe streets for car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, sustainable planning policies and energy-efficient housing, with positive and balanced climate policies. We will deliver strong social policies, with neighbourhood care teams to help people remain in their homes for as long as possible and to support carers. We will actively support local schools with more teachers and better access to quality childcare. We will invest in improved leisure facilities and encourage the vibrant growth of clubs and associations.

Do you want to discover our team or know more about our plans? Do not hesitate to go and have a look on or to follow us on facebook or instagram.